Remark Holdings


Kai-Shing Tao

Kai-Shing Tao

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Kai-Shing Tao has served in a directorship capacity for Remark Holdings, Inc. since the Company’s public listing in 2007. After being elected Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer in October 2012, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in December 2012.

Additionally, Mr. Tao is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Pacific Star Capital Management, L.P., a private investment group. Prior to founding Pacific Star Capital Management, L.P., Mr. Tao was a Partner at FALA Capital Group, a single family investment office.

Mr. Tao serves on the Board of Directors of Paradise Entertainment Limited (HK:1180) as Head of the Audit Committee and on the Board of Directors of Genesis Today, a leading health and wellness company. He earned his undergraduate degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University.